Zilok.com is an online marketplace that allows individuals to list any kind of items for rent. Zilok allows you to make money out of your closet and garage. Rent anything you can possibly imagine.

Zilok shows listings of all the items for rent in a given location along with their price, conditions and available dates, conveniently mapped around the location of the user. This increases your potential to have your item rented and Better your Wage.

With Zilok, it is quick and easy and has a triple evaluation system for safety and efficiency. The owner who has posted his item for rent, the renter who has rented the item and the quality and description accuracy of the rented item are all rated.


Anything to rent


Rental Business Accounts can take full benefit of Zilok for free (free accounts, free listings). Prices are set by the seller/renter.

Zilok charges a commission on transactions:

0 to $10 - $1

$10 to $50 - 9% + $0.10

$50 to $100 - 8% + $0.60

$100 to $500 - 7% + $1.6

$500 to $2000 - 6% + $6.6

More than $2000 - 5% + $26.6

The above commissions do not include taxes.

Available in: 
US United States
GB United Kingdom
FR France
Unit of Work: 
Payment Method: 
Credit Card
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