If you are constantly bursting with new and original ideas, Better your Wage by selling these ideas to companies who need them! youZingit is a service which allows brands and companies to come into contact with fantastic new ideas sourced directly from the consumer. After posting your ideas on the site, interested parties are able to view them in summarized form for a small fee. If they are interested further, they are able to  purchase the licensing rights for your ideas directly from you. 


A creative mind!


youZingit allows you to set your own price for your ideas and designs. The artist can base this price on his or her level of skill, qualifications and experience.

Additionally those who opt to purchase a premium account for $39 a year can earn more through the "view fee". Premium owners are allowed to keep the $20 "view fee" which is  a charged to the potential customer who wants to view the full idea.

Available in: 
ZZ (International)
Payment Method: 
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