Vrumi is a 'sharing economy’ service that allows you to rent space. London is full of rooms that lie empty during the day. There are all sorts of spare rooms – box rooms, underused dining rooms and sitting rooms as well as specific purpose rooms such as a home gym or music room.

Vrumi allows anybody in London to Better their Wage by renting out their empty rooms to busy professionals during the day. 

There are thousands of consultants, writers, life coaches, therapists, small businesses owners and other self-employed professionals  looking for a flexible space in rooms just like yours - for meetings, work, teaching, writing, therapy and more.

Vrumi does an ID check on every single guest to maximize security for hosts. You can also exchange messages directly with guests by email or text message. Vrumi gives you complete freedom in setting the dates, prices and availability - and deciding who might be a good fit for your space. A cool extra is that they offer you complimentary photography of your space. Vrumi is a very innovative concept, the innovation we like seeing at BetterWage. New, legitimate ways to make you money is what we live for. Vrumi launched in December 2014.

  • Any room that you are not using - A tiny box room or a huge penthouse apartment, an empty garage or just a sitting room that nobody uses. 
  • Available in London.

You get paid to rent out your space per hour or per day.
Vrumi charges 5 - 10% commission

Available in: 
GB United Kingdom
Unit of Work: 
Payment Method: 
Bank transfer
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