VoiceBunny connects clients and voice artists for any type of project. They are a reputable company that provides quality work to clients, and respects the talented voice actors. They offer thousands of voice actors and dozens of languages.

If you are an experienced, professional voice actor, VoiceBunny might be just the place for you to Better your Wage. They are always looking for great voice actors. VoiceBunny algorithm relies heavily on stats and how you compare to other voice actors with similar skills to determine if you are invited to participate in projects.

If you make it, they will present samples of your work to their large database of clients.

Insider Tips: 

Less than 2% of all voice actors that apply make the cut.

  • Internet access
  • Professional recording equipment, Experience in Voice acting.
  • Available Globally

You will be able to set your own rates and you won't have to pay application, subscription, or commission fees.  VoiceBunny make money by adding their margins on top of the rates that you set for yourself.

The guide is $0.02 - $0.40 / Word - Depending on length of read and experience
You decide your price and they mark it up by 70%

Available in: 
ZZ (International)
Unit of Work: 
Payment Method: 
Bank transfer
Your VoiceBunny account will be credited 30 days from the time they approve the read. You can then withdraw the money via Paypal or Wire Transfer. Wire transfers incur a $25 transaction fee
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