TranscribeMe is an online service provider focused on transcribing audio and video. TranscribeMe offers transcription work from home job opportunities 

The company has a huge customer base that includes lawyers, insurance companies, churches, conference attendees, and researchers who regularly need their audio files transcribed.

TranscribeMe is a great place for newbies to sharpen their skills. The company doesn’t require you to have transcription experience.

  • Transcribers must have a strong command of the English language as well as good grammatical and listening skills
  • Able to recognize American English accents/speech
  • A decent typing speed - min 40wpm

You don’t need any special equipment. What you do need: a reasonable computer with Google Chrome and a reliable internet connection.


Transcribers are paid USD$20 USD per audio hour for general transcription, although different projects and specializations may offer higher rates.

Transcribers also have the chance to become QA (Quality Assurance) agents, responsible for consolidating, proofreading and editing transcriptions. There are also further specializations, such as medical, legal and captioning transcription teams. These other opportunities often entail different, greater, pay scales than their standard transcription rate.

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ZZ (International)
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