You can Better Your Wage by tutoring learners in their home.

Tutor any subject you want, including school subjects, university courses, languages and musical instruments. 

Teachme2 has built a simple online portal to help their tutors find and manage tutoring jobs. You can

  • Search Available Jobs Near Your
  • Apply For Jobs Online or by SMS
  • Communicate with their Team
  • Check your Tutor Rank
  • Get Paid
  • Required knowledge to Tutor on a particular subject.

The earning potential of a Teach Me 2 tutor ranges between R100 and R170 per hour.

Tutoring rates vary depending on the type and level of the subject, the number of learners per lesson (usually one-on-one) and the duration of the lesson.

Available in: 
ZA South Africa
Unit of Work: 
Payment Period: 
Twice a month
Payment Method: 
Bank transfer
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