SurveyCompare South Africa


SurveyCompare is an online platform that searches for the best paid survey companies, and lets you join them all in one go. They aim to bring you only the fairest, most trusted and most rewarding surveys. 

Surveys typically amount to small rewards so don’t be taken in by any website that promises an unrealistic pay-out. Think of paid surveys as a convenient way to earn extra spending money. 

You can Better Your Wage by completing online Surveys.

Insider Tips: 

Survey sites are a handful to manage and can get very frustrating. They are not shy to spam you once you give them your personal details. Keep in mind that most of them make their money from giving retailers insights on who to market their goods to and how so that means you are also going to get on their radar as a potential customer. Always use a dedicated e-mail, seperate from your personal e-mail to sign up for surveys. Create a free one like [email protected] and use inbox rules to highlight the good stuff from the spam.

Survey quotas are also very quickly filled. There are sometimes hundreds of people that will respond to the same invitation to take the survey and it will be "sold out" in mere minutes. This is unfortunately the harsh reality of this game - first come first served. It is therefor important to dedicate some time during the day where you can be on standby to immediately respond to surveys the moment they come in.

SurveyCompare is an aggregator. This means they connect different survey companies to you in one place. They have a good reputation themselves but unfortunately there are sometimes bad apples in the batch of companies they promote. If at any time you feel uncomfortable supplying personal information, stop. If it smells like spam, it probably is - so just pass and move on to another one.

A really nasty trick are ones who ask you for a pages of personal information and then say you don't qualify for the survey and cuts you off without compensation. Toluna is one of the companies who have been reported to do this so beware. If you do have this experience with other companies let us know so we can warn the rest of the community to not waste time there. 

Market research doesn't need your full name and address and place of birth to know what you think of a product. They do however need to know your gender and age, sometimes city and buying preferences to get a sense of the consumer profile. Don't feel shy to use an alias for details you don't want to share. Mickey Mouse, a 32 year old male from Florida have been known to participate in plenty of surveys! Use your discretion please.

  • Internet access
  • Available in South Africa
  • 16 Years or older (Some surveys are 13 - 14 years and older)

Compensation amount differs for each survey up to R65 for a completed survey, sometimes more if it's particularly long or specialist.

Payment methods also vary for each survey company - from cash, vouchers or gift certificates.

Available in: 
ZA South Africa
Unit of Work: 
Payment Period: 
When enough credits are earned
Payment Method: 
Trade for gift card
You can select any or all of the available survey companies from their list. Fill in the form on the final page and click register to complete your free sign up. Use a seperate e-mail for this as you will receive hundreds of emails from the survey companies asking you to confirm your registration – follow the links to confirm the ones you are comfortable with only. You will now be receiving regular survey invites by email. Take part in as many surveys as you wish, and earn rewards for each one you complete.
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