Slogan Slingers


Slogan Slingers is a crowdsourced contest site that specializes exclusively in slogans. They take creative briefs from their clients, send them to their network of professional and non-professional writers, and receive hundreds of slogan ideas from which the client can choose and pay for the one that suits the best.

As a writer you can submit a slogan for a company which is seeking an effective slogan.

If your slogan is chosen as the winner amongst all the other submitted slogans you could Better your Wage and earn a cash prize.

Thank you for the amazing response to our slogan contest. We selected "BetterWage - Like Work, but better!" as the winning slogan.

That doesn't mean the earning is over... Visit Slogan Slingers and try your hand at their other contests.

  • A catchy original slogan
  • Sign up online under the "Writers Sign Up"
  • It's FREE to sign up as a writer or to compete in a contest.
  • The minimum prize award: is $50.00 USD. The maximum prize award is $999 USD.
  •  If you're the contest winner you will earn the prize award and 15% of your winnings goes to cover Slogan Slingers administrative costs and cash dispersal.
  • Winners should expect payment within 48-72 hours of the contest closing.
Available in: 
ZZ (International)
Payment Method: 
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