SHOOTFACTORY is a location agency and represents locations across the UK and offers a vast selection of international locations. They offer stills, photo shoot locations, TV locations and film locations.

They hire:

  • Photo Shoot Locations
  • TV locations
  • Film locations
  • Press event locations
  • Product launches
  • Music videos

Get paid for photo shoots or videos at your home

  • Property, Good-sized rooms, large enough to comfortably fit a photographic crew of around 10 - 15 people.
  • Good natural light is a bonus and some unique and interesting features make for the perfect location.
  • Organisation, people skills, hosting
  • Available globally

It is free to list your property. If your property is used, they take 20% of the agreed fee for the hire of your location.

Fees vary according to location size and type - As a guideline: Editorial pays approximately £400 – £600 a day, advertorial £800 – £1,000, and filming £1,000 – £1,500.

Payment varies according to the agreement. Some clients are willing o pay up front for the location; others have their own 30-day payment terms. SHOOTFACTORY will pay you as soon as they have received payment from their client 

Available in: 
ZZ (International)
Unit of Work: 
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