Roamler is a smartphone application that allows you to make money by performing tasks. You receive the tasks based on your location. Better you Wage by completing tasks at home and while out and about.

For every tasks that is completed correctly you earn Experience Points (XP’s) and/or a sum of money. You can, for example, be asked to take a photo, to count the amount of product in a supermarket or to take a photo that creatively illustrates your morning ritual. Tasks are created by companies like Heineken, T-Mobile, Albert Heijn or the Roamlers themselves. With a paid task you earn a minimum of two euro.

  • Currently Roamler is available for iPhone 3GS or newer and Android telephones with Android 4.0 or higher.
  • Roamler is invite-only. That means that you need an invite to become a Roamler. 

At Roamler you can earn Experience Points (XP’s) and money. The more XP’s you collect, the higher your level will be. At higher levels you can complete more challenging tasks (for more money and more points) and you have more privileges. You start as a level 1 Roamler. In the first level you perform the trainings program in which you learn all facets of Roamler. You have to perform every task that you encounter in level 1 to advance further. From level 2 and on you receive paid tasks and none of the tasks that you receive are mandatory for you to complete. This means that you can choose which tasks you would like to complete.

With every task you complete you can recieve a minimum of 2 Euros.

Available in: 
GB United Kingdom
ES Spain
BE Belgium
CO Colombia
NL Netherlands
MX Mexico
PT Portugal
PL Poland
SE Sweden
TR Turkey
IT Italy
CL Chile
Unit of Work: 
Payment Period: 
When enough credits are earned
Payment Method: 
Lady with make money
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