About: is a website that allows you to rent your services as a friend. You specify your interests and what you are willing to do and upload a profile picture. says that friends are Bettering their Wage to do things like:

Introduce you to people, Wingman/Wingwoman, Friends With Disabled, Friends with Seniors, Poetry/Art/Drawing, Teaching Manners, Amusement Parks, Family Functions, Workout Partner, Business Events, Outdoor Events, Baking/Cooking ,Sporting Events, Snow boarding, Hot Air Balloon, Playing Sports, Going To Park, Meet Friends, Wine Tasting, Comedy Club, Going to Bar, Hanging Out, Phone Friend, Photography, Giving Tours, Sightseeing, Prom Dates, Museums, Religious, Shopping, Tutoring, Clubbing, Bowling, Dinner, Arcade, Psychic, Biking Beach, Skiing Parties, Hiking Music, Picnics, Travel. is strictly a platonic Friendship website. is NOT a dating website, and NOT an Escort agency. Services on are strictly for FRIENDSHIP purposes only.



Friendly, outgoing
Countries: Global


Most of the Friends on charge from $10 an hour for their time.

Available in: 
ZZ (International)
Unit of Work: 
The friends charge between $10-$50 per hour, and almost all of them are willing to negotiate or even waive their fee depending on the activity that the member embership fees are $24.95 per month or $69.95 for an entire year. wants to do.


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