Park On My Drive


Park On My Drive is an app hat allows those who have empty driveways and garages to rent them out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to motorists. 

By renting out your parking space for minutes or hours you can contribute to a parking solution that truly benefits everyone. Driveway owners pay a one-off yearly registration fee to Park On My Drive for advertising their space on the site and car owners pay whatever the driveway owner feels is appropriate for using their space.

You can Better your Wage by renting out your parking space or driveway.

  • Owner of some form of parking space.

You as the parking space owner fix your own price.

Price can be set according to proximity to landmarks, stadiums, hospital and shopping centres. Owners closer to large city centres will be able to charge accordingly.

Available in: 
GB United Kingdom
IE Ireland
US United States
AU Australia
Payment Method: 
Bank transfer
Cash on delivery
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