OnSource is a platform that connects freelance photo inspectors that can capture photos and videos of vehicles and other types of property for insurance companies or policyholders. 

Insurance companies need to capture information about the real estate, vehicles, and equipment they insure and underwrite. They need pictures or videos fast,  - creating an opportunity for you to Better your Wage. 

Meet with customers at their location at a time convenient for you, capture photos and videos in 10 minutes and submit via the app.


  • Either submit an existing background check, or pay $6 and pass a background check provided by Onfido.
  • Provide a photo of yourself and your vehicle.
  • Provide W-9 information.

$18.00 per inspection.
You'll receive an additional $0.65 for each mile after 20 miles.

You’ll get paid four weeks after your first inspection. When you continue to complete inspections, we make payments every week for photo inspection completed four weeks previously.

Available in: 
US United States
Pay Amount: 
Unit of Work: 
Payment Period: 
Within a month of completion
Payment Method: 
ACH Deposit
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