LiquidSpace is an online platform that connects people / business that have suitable property to rent to customers looking for the perfect office space.

The LiquidSpace app allows clients to search available workspaces, message directly with hosts and book instantly from their mobile device.

Their DASH (Direct Agreement for Space Hosting) license helps to avoid long-term lease agreements to simplify the process for both parties.

Better your Wage by renting out your extra or unused office space.

  • Unused office space that you can rent out.
  • The amount of space you are offering is up to you and is put onto your profile for potential renters to see. 

Payment will come from the renters, through  LiquidSpace and then to you. Liquid space gets a percentage of the payment per transaction. 

In the LiquidSpace pricing structure, each time an individual guest rebooks at your space, the LiquidSpace fee decreases. 

Available in: 
US United States
CA Canada
AU Australia
Payment Method: 
Bank transfer
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