iTunes is an online music marketplace where you can buy and sell music via downloads and now via streams through iTunes Radio.

When you distribute your music to iTunes it will automatically become available on iTunes Radio. It is also possible for you to receive streaming revenue through the iTunes Match service.

Better you Wage by increasing your network to sell your music worldwide.

  • Original Music, Album, Single or Ringtone

The default price for tracks under ten minutes in length is $0.99. The default album price is $9.99.

Your earnings:

iTunes US & Canada    $0.70 / Song              $7.00 / Album
iTunes UK                   £0.49 / Song (GBP)    £4.69 / Album (GBP)
iTunes Australia           $0.99 / Song (AUD)    $9.99 / Album (AUD)
(based on default pricing)

When your music is played on iTunes Radio, you get paid a per play fee and a proportionate share of iTunes' advertising revenue for each month.

All of your revenue will go directly into your TuneCore Account.

Available in: 
ZZ (International)
Payment Method: 
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