Hired is an online network of designers and developers through which companies can offer jobs.

Hired members can set up their worker profiles, get job requests and recieve a 'Talent Advocate' who will polish their resume, prepare them for each company, and help them negotiate. 

Hired can help you Better your Wage by finding your dream job.

  • Hired is looking for developers with strong knowledge of iOS, Android, Python or Ruby & experience at venture-funded companies, data scientists (typically with an MS or Ph.D.), and Engineers with strong DevOps skills or back-end technologies like Java / Scala. Strong front-end and UI/UX professionals with a good portfolio and technical proficiency also do well. 

Companies send you offers with upfront compensation that varies according to skill and position.

Hired will pay you $1000 for getting hired through their site.

Available in: 
US United States
Payment Period: 
Payment Method: 
Discretionary payment method outside provider site
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