Goal Tycoon


GoalTycoon is an online football strategy game. Aside from managing a football team, players also have to manage an entire football park, including the training facility, hotel, hospital, restaurant, parking lot and stadium - to create a profitable business.

You can earn virtual money from ticket sales (when the game is played in your football field) and from game bonuses (earned when your team wins a game).

All your virtual earnings here can be converted to Euro and withdrawn via Paypal as soon as you have more than € 20.

It is one of the few business games where you can Better your Wage by being rewarded for your daily activity.

  • Internet Access
  • Strategy skills

Your profit depends on the success of your team. There are three currencies: Local currency, Gold and Euro. Local currency can be exchanged in gold and gold can be exchanged for Euro. 

The main ways to earn:

Winning Bonus
Bonus for placement in the league

  • Ticket selling (a stadium full of 100,000 seat can bring an income of between 2.50-5 euro for home match depending of local currency value)
  • Bonus for placement in the top 1,000 positions in the cups, continental and national
  • Buying and selling players (for many the first source of income, especially if invest in the youth sector)
  • Purchase shares of the site
  • Affiliation

There is a $20 payout threshold.

Available in: 
ZZ (International)
Unit of Work: 
Payment Method: 
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