Experts Exchange


Experts Exchange is an online platform that connects talented technology freelancers from around the world with clients that need assistance with projects or IT questions.

Freelancers Better their Wage with Gigs by creating a profile, browsing open projects, submitting proposals, and communicating with clients online.

At Experts Exchange, users are awarded points for answering questions asked by other users or writing articles the general community values as resourceful. This results in a competition for obtaining more points to achieve various experts' certifications.


  • IT Knowledge and experience

The freelaner sets their rate for the Gig offered. Once your proposal is accepted and the work is completed to the client's satisfaction, the project will be marked as accepted and the funds will be submitted to the freelancer's earnings.

A 10% Facilitation Fee will be deducted from any earnings through Gigs.

The site offers a paid membership service that offers full access to those who primarily use the website to get their IT and tech questions solved. By actively participating in answering questions, users can earn points in order to gain premium membership.

Available in: 
ZZ (International)
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