Drivy a peer-to-peer car rental service in Europe - with full insurance for users.

Rent out your own car when you don't use it and Better your Wage, or drive your neighbor's car for your week-end getaways.


  • Your own car. 

After you have reached an agreement with a renter, they will pay for the rental via the website. You will get 70% of the rental amount via bank transfer. The 30% that we keep is mostly used to pay for insurance and run the website.

There are no other charges involved for you or the renter. The average price of a rental is €30 per day (mileage included, fuel excluded) and the average rental is four days long.

If you rent your car out once a month using the above statistics as a basis, you will earn around €1,000 per year. 

Payment Period: 
Within a week of completion
Payment Method: 
Bank transfer
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