Donating Plasma


Patients all over the world rely on plasma protein therapies to treat rare, chronic diseases. These individuals rely on the generosity and commitment of plasma donors.

You can Better your Wage by donating plasma in one of more than 450 licensed and certified plasma collection centers located in the U.S. and Europe.

  • Healthy
  • Meet eligibility requirements
  • Available in the US and Europe

Each plasma collection facility sets its own compensation rates.

Plasma centers don't write checks, or offer cash rewards like in the past. Instead, most plasma centers now use a money card, similar to a debit card, to pay you for plasma donating. After you donate, the nurse scans your plasma donation bag with your ID on it, and the money is automatically added to your card. Some plasma donation centers even offer an ATM inside the center, for faster access to your cash and checking your balance.
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