DesignCrowd is an online platform for companies to post design requests for Logos, Websites, T-shirts and more.

DesignCrowd designers from all over the world can view these requests and sumbit their designs. The company that submitted the request can review and choose the best design, and buy the rights to use the design.

You can Better your Wage by having one of your designs chosen or by receiving participation payments.

  • Submitted designs must meet the requirements of DesignCrowd's Design Quality Standards to earn any participation payments.

The client specifies the winning payment for a design upfront.

DesignCrowd charges designers a flat fee of 15% of all payments they receive via DesignCrowd. 

They also offer a participation payment system for designers who do not win but still meet DesignCrowd's Design Quality Standards (this is also dependent on the number of entries and the size of the project). 


Available in: 
ZZ (International)
Payment Method: 
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