CrowdMed is a platform that connects the wisdom of thousands of experts to help solve the world's most difficult medical cases online.

You can become a Medical Detective today and Better your Wage by helping others to solve their medical cases.

  • Availble globally
  • Medical Detectives include; medical students, retired physicians, nurses, physician assistants, chiropractors, scientists, naturopaths, and regular people who enjoy solving medical mysteries.
  • They recruit Medical Detectives from a broad range of medical and non-medical backgrounds to assure cognitive diversity.
  • Medical Detectives must first prove their skills by making smart diagnostic and solution suggestions and point assignments, and receive good peer and patient ratings, before they can fully participate in cases offering Medical Detective Compensation. However, all Medical Detectives can suggest diagnoses or solutions in "pending" status, allocate points to their own suggestions, and fully participate in chat and discussion, on all cases.
  • You must earn a Detective Rating of DR6 or higher and link your PayPal, Twitter, or Facebook account to fully participate in Standard package cases (DR8 or higher for Premium cases).

The patient will put a reward value on their case. Example: 60 days online for a $500 reward value. This reward will be shared amoungst the Detectives that worked on the case or the patient can allocate a larger percentage to a specific Detective

CrowdMed collects 20% as commission

Note that many Medical Detectives choose to donate these proceeds to charity, such as Watsi (a non-profit that funds life-saving medical treatments for patients in need), but most importantly, Medical Detectives help patients get their lives back. 

You can also earn through referals:

  • When you refer a Medical Detective, both of you will get 5,000 bonus points when they register and participate in a case. When you refer a patient who purchases a paid package, you'll get 10,000 points (or $10) and the patient will get a $10 discount. Your referral points and/or cash will appear in your CrowdMed balance. Cash can be transferred to PayPal or donated to Watsi.
Available in: 
ZZ (International)
Payment Method: 
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