Crowd Content


The Crowd Content marketplace is designed to create high quality content at any scale. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 retailer looking to re-write and enhance 1 million product descriptions, or a small business adding a few pages of content to your new website, they’ll help you get the job done.

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Internet Access
Countries: Global


Custom Content Orders (pricing is per word):
1 Star: 1.2 cents | 1.4 cents
2 Star: 2.0 cents | 2.3 cents
3 Star: 4.4 cents | 5.2 cents
4 Star: 6.6 cents | 7.6 cents

Tweets (pricing is per unit):
Standard: $0.70 | $0.80
Professional: $1.05 | $1.20

Facebook Posts (pricing is per unit):
Standard: $1.05 | $1.20
Professional: $1.55 | $1.75

Available in: 
ZZ (International)
Unit of Work: 
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