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Crazy Leaf Designs is a Website and Graphic Design Blog providing news and resources for beginners to advanced designers, coders and visual artists.

You can Better your Wage by sharing your deisgn knowledge in an article.

  • Internet Access
  • Writing - Web design & Development 

Rates start at $20 per submission depending on the quality, length, and complexity of the article,

If you're an exceptional writer and are capable of submitting 10 high-quality articles per week, you're able to earn upwards of $800 per month. If you are hired as a regular writer, payment may be negotiated to a higher rate, so your earning potential may increase.

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ZZ (International)
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Writers to contribute in topics such as graphic design, web design, photoshop, vectorial graphics, programming, tutorials and more. If you're experienced in any of these topics, send in your article.
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