Commission Junction


Commission Junction (CJ) is an online advertising and internet marketing company that specializes in affiliate, media and tracking services.

You can Better your Wage by earning income from your website traffic by partnering with the most widely recognized brands in the world.

CJ has a number of tools and a variety of interesting options for making money through promoting multiple brands and their products.

  • Website required for most but not all of CJ solutions
  • Available globally

This Affiliate marketing is based largely on Cost Per Action (CPA), a performance-based pricing model, where advertisers only pay when a specified action has been completed (e.g. a purchase, form submission, hotel booking, printed coupon, app download).

Commission percentages varies according to the merchant you promote.

Available in: 
ZZ (International)
Unit of Work: 
Payment Period: 
Immediately after completion
Payment Method: 
Bank transfer
Payment frequency is monthly and the threshold is $50 for direct deposit and $100 for check.
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