Bzike is a mobile site that enables 'peer to peer' bicycle renting around the world. That is, individuals renting out their bikes to other individuals for a small fee.

You can list your bike in order to Better your Wage. 

You could meet the renter at a specified public location or use a more impersonal method to hand over the bike. For example provide the lock combination or a unique place to find the key for the bike in the collection notes, which is only visible after the pre-authorization has been paid. 

  • Bicycle

75% of the rental price

Available in: 
GB United Kingdom
US United States
Unit of Work: 
Payment Period: 
Immediately when quote is accepted
Payment Method: 
Discretionary payment method outside provider site
They recommend the price to be charged to be about 4X the price of a bus fare in your local area.
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