Do you have a boat? If so you can Better your Wage by listing your boat online to rent it out with Boatbound. 

Boatbound has over 13 million registered boat owners, which is a boatload to say the least.

Boatbound claim that "You can rent your boat 1-2 times per month to fully offset the cost of ownership". If you are concerned about the safety of your treasured boat, note that every rental includes insurance protection and on the water support from BoatUS. Plus, liability insurance is included with every rental. You don’t have to approve a renter unless you are 100% comfortable.

Boatbound also provides tools to manage your pricing or availability to fit your schedule.

So, if this floats your boat, give it a try!


Boat required
Country: US


You can set the rental price. A good way to estimate how much you should charge for your boat: Sailboat - $10-12/per ft. Power - $12-17/per ft.

Boat Owner Fees: Non-Commercial Boats: 35% percent of each rental to cover the cost of BoatUS insurance coverage, BoatUS towing, search engine marketing, payment processing, and support services provided by Boatbound to both the owner and renter during the rental period. Commercial Boats: If you have commercial insurance or a charter policy, the service fee is only 5% of each rental since, as you will no longer require the BoatUS insurance coverage to operate. 

Payments are processed 24 hours after the start of the rental period and will be deposited directly into the bank account you provide via Balanced Payments. When Boatbound release a payout, you will receive an automated email confirming that the payout was successful. 


Available in: 
US United States
Unit of Work: 
Payment Method: 
Bank transfer
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