On 9flats.com you can Better your wage by renting out your spare space. The aim is to make travel more rewarding, comfortable and affordable, and to give homeowners an easy way of boosting their income. A nice side-effect is that the world can make smarter use of existing resources.

Insider Tips: 
  • The more photos you add the more likely it is that your place will be booked. According to 9flats.com, 90% of booked places have more than five photos. Landscape photos generally look better than portrait photos and try ensure that your flat is clean and bright at the time when you take the photo. If your place has a pleasant view, be sure to add this photo to your profile as this is often a major attraction for bookings.
  • There are number of sites on BetterWage for renting out your property. The more of these you list your property on, the better the chance that your property will be rented. However, you will also have more admin managing bookings and availabilty on multiple platforms. 9flats will have fewer vacationers than larger competitors like Airbnb, however fewer listings also means less competition for rentals.
  • When deciding whether to rent out flat per a night to vacationers or getting a full time tenant, a useful exercise would be to look at similar properties like yours on vacation rental sites like 9 flats or Airbnb in order to determine how many days on average they are booked out each month. You can then multiple this but the appropraite rate per a night to calculate your expected monthly income. This can then be compared to the amount you can receive form a long term tenant. Note that hosting on vacation rental sites allow for more flexibilty than long term tenants as you are able to stop hosting at any point after the already booked rentals. However, there is extra admin associated with hosting, like cleaning and welcoming guests.

As the host you may set your own price. Factors to consider include location, size, time of year and length of stay.

From the total sum of the booking that the guest pays 9flats will deduct a commission of 12% or 15%.

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ZZ (International)
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Payment Method: 
Bank transfer
Cash on delivery
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