123RF is a media library and it ranks as one of the leading global providers of content. 123RF is updated with over 60,000 fresh content daily and has over 100,000 contributors but it also has over 3 million users across the globe. So if your content is of a high enough quality and is unique your content may well be selected by users for download. They work closely with many well-known brands, which include local and international top players in the creative industry; comprising mainly of advertising agencies, graphic designers, publishers, freelance designers and bloggers.

You can Better your Wage by signing up for a contributor account. uploading your original photos, vector illustrations or video footage. Whenever a Buyer downloads your content, you earn. Once an item is uploaded, any income earned will be completely passive.


Insider Tips: 
  • Enter a minimum of 7 keywords for each upload. Providing more keywords enables your upload to match more searches and can be more easily found.
  • By uploading to 123RF, you grant them non-exclusive rights to sell your content. In order to maximise revenue per image, video, etc. Be sure to also upload to other non-exclusive stock sites listed on Better Wage.
  • You have the option to donate certain images. Donated images can be uploaded for free for upto 90 days. All donated images will be available for WEB resolution (72 DPI) download only. So why the heck would you do this? This could help you increase your portfolio exposure and therefore your sales of other and higher resolution images. It is advisable to donate certain images for a period and compare your sales in periods of donations to periods with no donations, to determine which strategy to stick with in the future.
  • Internet access required for upload
  • High quality photographs, illustrations, audio or videos are required
    • You will need appropriate skills and equipment (such as a quality camera) to produce these
  • Available globally 

You will be paid 30% - 60% commissions on your submissions depending on yor Contributor Level. The more your submissions sell, the higher your Contributor Level and the larger your commission. This also means that you may see low royalties to begin with, until you begin to climb the scale


Available in: 
ZZ (International)
Unit of Work: 
Payment Method: 
You will need to be verified to begin contributing on 123RF. You are officially an 123rf contributor once you have uploaded a valid form of ID documentation and have passed the initial 10 images which you've submitted.  Thereafter, your each image uploaded needs approval befprebecoming available for sale. This usually happens within 3 working days. You can upload as many images as you want. Ensure they are high quality and then feel free to go wild!


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I just want to find out what is the criteria for quality of the material that is to be submitted.
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