BetterWage is a revolutionary new system that helps you find hundreds of exciting income making opportunities. It helps you monetize your time, passions, possessions and skills. At BetterWage, we are passionate about finding solutions for you to live on your terms. 

You can find out more about our mission and story on our About page. You can check out our How it works page to understand the steps that stand between you and a BetterWage.

If you need extra money, want extra money or want to live life on your terms then BetterWage is for you.

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BetterWage is absolutely free. It is our passion to make you more money and for you to spend all that money on the things that matter to you most.

Anyone can become a BetterWager. We want to create a safe community where the whole world can earn money on their terms. Individual income providers do have requirements for using their solutions. These have been explained on each provider's information page.

You will need access to a computer with an internet connection. Certain listed providers do have additional requirements for you to earn such as a microphone or a webcam. Details will be provided on their page.

We want you to feel completely at ease using any provider on BetterWage and we have vetted all income providers to try ensure that all providers on BetterWage are of a high quality. The value of trust is essential for making BetterWage different to other money making services or financial services companies. We want to give the power back to the man on the street.

While we do not take any responsibility for the behavior of income providers, please inform us of any unsavory behavior ([email protected]) so that we can investigate and if necessary remove them from the BetterWage community.


Haha, we love this question. Self interested financial services companies have been charging huge amounts of money providing solutions that promise to improve your finances. We are promising a solution that actually works, for no cost at all. Sounds too good to be true right?......WRONG.....As the song goes, "The best things in life are free............now give me money, thats what I want"

In order to list on BetterWage, your solution needs to truly provide a legitimate income to BetterWagers. All providers will be vetted prior to being included in the BetterWage community. Income providers from any country are welcome but for now BetterWage is only available in English.

While BetterWage will try to ensure that all information provided is correct, it is the responsibility of each income provider to update us on any changes to your offering.

Please click below to send us an email with details of the changes.

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To find an income provider, you can either type words relevant to your skills, possessions or passions in the search bar found on the homepage (or click the "provider" icon in the menu). Alternatively, you can click on "categories" icon in the menu, find a category that excites you and search the listed providers in that category. 

You can then narrow your search to suit your needs using the advanced filter on the left of the search page.

The WageFinder™ is powered by an advanced algorithm that finds the most appropriate income opportunities for you based on a quiz that takes less than 60 seconds to complete.

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We love to explore new opportunities to better the lives of BetterWagers. 

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Too many people only make money from their day job. BetterWage will help you find a Better Dayjob.
But, it will also show you how to make more money in your spare time, using your belongings and by just doing things that you love.

BetterWage will also help you find opportunities to make money in the freelancing, gig, on-demand and sharing economies.

When you sign up, the income opportunities will be relevant to your location. There is nothing more annoying than getting excited about an opportunity only to see that it is not available in your country. It is totally free to sign up. So you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain. 

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To find even more relevant results, take the Wagefinder™ quiz. The WageFinder will give you the gigs, jobs and other income opportunities that are most relevant to your skills and passions. 

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We love it each time we hear stories about how we helped people transform their lives. We would love to hear your story, please email us your story at [email protected]

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You can also put the extra income that you have earned to helping others in need. If you have a good cause in mind then great. If not consider, donating to United Way. They are a global non-profit organisation that does awesome work particularly helping those who need a better income, better health or better education.


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