Use your ride to up your income

Have you ever watched the show "Pimp my Ride" on MTV? In each episode they choose one car. They restore it and really pimp it out. The best part of the show was seeing the excitement of the car owners as their "new" car was unveiled to them. Their greatest source of embarrassment was transformed into their greatest source of pride.

Well, you may never get the opportunity to get your car pimped out by a famous rapper on MTV. But, let me show you how to use your ride to pimp your income.

You could make more money by:

  • Becoming a taxi driver

These days it is uber-cool to become an Uber driver. Uber has transformed the idea of being a taxi driver and allows you to do so on your terms. 

You need to be a commercially insured driver with a mid-sized to full-sized vehicle that comfortably fits 4 passengers or more. Before you get too excited, note that:

  1. They generally do not accept hatchbacks or vehicles with any cosmetic damage. 
  2. All vehicles must have a working radio, aircon and four doors. 
  3. All Uber Vehicles must undergo a Vehicle inspection to ensure they meet their standards.
  4. The vehicles that are accepted do differ by location but in general they are looking for vehicles 5 years or newer.

Lyft is a major competitor of Uber but only operate in the US (not all states). They pride themselves on the friendliness of their drivers. So if you are a people's person, live in one on the cities where they operate consider Lyft as well as Uber.

  • Sharing a ride

Blablacar connects people who need a lift with drivers who have empty seats. This is aimed more at offsetting costs that you will incur on your trips, rather than making a steady income. But, if you are driving anyway why not get paid to give someone a lift and get some cash back in your pocket.

  • Renting your vehicle

Relayrides and Getaround are two companies in the US that facilitate peer to peer car rentals.

Drivy is the equivalent in Europe and allows you to earn on average 150€ per week (car dependent).

This is a great way to monetize a car that is not needed and may be standing idle.

Shootfactory also allows you to list your car for filming or photo shoots. So if you want some bragging rights together with the BetterWage, then check this out.

  • Advertising through car wrapping

"My car, my car, takes me very far. All my homies in my car go driving to the bar". So I might not be able to make any money with my car rapping.

But, car wrapping can earn me and you for that matter about $100 per month. The exact amount will depend on which country you live in, the wrapping company and the campaign being run.

It's not too bad considering that it is passive income and you have full control over which ads get put on your car. This assumes you use a reputable company to do so. So you won't be forced to drive around time advertising adult diapers. You need to send an application to companies in your area, who offer such services. You will be expected to provide details about your car and your driving behavior. They will then match your vehicle up with appropriate campaigns.

This works best if your car is newish, in decent condition and you drive significant distances each month. It's also best if you don't drive like a drunkard with an ear infection.

  • Delivering

Postmates lets you earn up to $25 per hour. Customers use the Postmates app to place a delivery order from any restaurant or store in the city. They are then matched with a Postmates courier, who heads to the restaurant or store, makes the purchase, and then delivers the food or goods. This is currently only available in many cities in the US. The good thing is that you don't have to have a car to be a Postmate. It allows you to monetize your scooter, bike or motorcycle.

Deliv is similar to Postmates. It allows you to pick up and deliver items from malls and retailers, such as clothing, flowers and gift baskets including alcohol. No shopping or money transactions are needed with Deliv. It is available in the US.

GetKanga is another similar platform, that lets you deliver anything from a couch to a coffee.

So there are plenty of reasons to hit the road and start making some money today.

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