Stories from the Gig Economy - What It's Like to Take on Temp Work Full Time. Part 2.

Here is a story of success from a person who could never have dreamed that taking the road less travelled could’ve earned her back her freedom as well as making even more money than her (stale) corporate day job.

Redd Horrocks, 33, from Las Vegas, Nevada works as voiceover artist, and enjoys the freedom of choosing which jobs she prefers to accept, as well as being her own boss.

Redd stumbled on a gig sharing website when she needed a document to be updated. She had a look around the website and saw what other skills and jobs people were offering.

That was the moment that sparked her freelance career.  Redd had always done voiceover jobs, for about 13 years, she never thought it could become her main monthly paycheque.

At the time Redd was already working in a corporate job, so she began accepting voiceover jobs in her spare time.

Eventually, Redd’s hard work and reputation as a voiceover artist paid off, she began getting so many voiceover job offers that she had to choose between her corporate job and her freelance work.

Redd chose the freelance work and now earns $15,000 a month and has her own recording studio. She makes a good point telling us that there’s no one to limit what you can earn a month, which is a huge advantage.

Not only has Redd’s experience in the global economy given her freedom and flexibility, but she has recently put down a deposit on a house and has been bitten by the travel bug.

What’s her pro tip? “Presentation is really important. Right off the bat, be as professional as you can.”

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