Spread the body love – create homemade scrubs and lotions for resale

A little lather; a little luxury. I’ve yet to meet someone who hates the idea of unwinding in a vanilla-scented foam bath.

What about orange and cinnamon wafting through the steam as you shower? Aromatic bath-times should be an affordable luxury that men and women can indulge in. But what if you could transform your favourite pampering ritual into a money-minting pastime? Wait, no one’s suggesting that you physically share the tub with others just to bulk up your wallet!

We’re talking about what’s in the bath: scented oils, body scrubs and handmade soaps. Add a bespoke lotion or two to the range and you could have a lucrative little home industry start-up on your hands (no pun intended).

There’re hundreds of how-tos on the web for homemade scrubs, but be cautious. If you’re blissfully ignorant on the difference between baking soda and caustic soda, best you leave the recipes to the Martha Stewart types. Here’s a simple guide to get you started on whipping up some delicious skin treats. Our favourite, hands down, is the Gingerbread Sugar Scrub. Try not to eat it out of the jar when you’re done. The purpose here is to be enterprising and think resale.

On to the creamy goodness of body lotions. It’s crucial to cater for sensitive skins when making a product that stays on for much longer. For this purpose, hypoallergenic ingredients are your friend. You should also be meticulous when it comes to quantities. Less is more! A pinch is not a reliable unit of measure. Here’s a treasure trove of soothing lotions to start you off.

The next step would be to develop a brand identity and logo for your products. You might be a one-person act, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to neighbourhood sales. Try these basic pointers to help you market your wares to a wider audience. An indispensable reference when it comes to home industry is The Handcrafter’s Companion. With a focus on online and market retail, this book should definitely be on your nightstand.

Lastly, a caveat to the overzealous crafters out there. Never let your supply exceed the demand for your product. Start with small amounts. Get creative and spend time on customizing your packaging. Try haberdasheries for cheaper materials; you don’t want to break the bank here. This could be your bread and (body)butter you’re investing in.  


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