Some rather different ways to make some money

Dr Seuss said “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” This is true. It’s good to be a bit different, to be you. So here are some examples of some slightly alternative ways to make an income.

Rent yourself out as a friend

Some people are so unpopular not even their mother’s accept their Facebook requests. Even their imaginary friends refuse to play with them. RentAFriend has created a solution. Over half a million people have registered as friends for hire to make some extra cash. Users are looking to rent friends as wingmen, workout partners, prom dates or friends to hang out with.

Rent out your toilet

That day has arrived. You can get paid to let others use your toilet. Airpnp (no connection to Airbnb) will match those bursting for 1 or 2 with the nearest bathroom. This takes the sharing economy to the next level. This won’t leave you flush with cash (excuse the pun). But if you live in areas where there are mardi gras or similar events, you may be able to earn a few extra dollars.

Become an online psychic

Keen is a platform for online psychics. I am not going to tell you how much money you can make by using this platform. If you are thinking of making money on this platform, you should be able to sense the answer. 

Sell your hair

This is not as strange as it sounds. It does not involve shipping off your back hair to someone with a strange fetish. Rather, there is a market for wigs made out of genuine hair. Religious Jewish women and cancer patients often wear these high quality wigs. Do you have long hair and don’t mind looking like GI Jane for a while? You can make a few hundred dollars by selling your flowing locks on HairSellon.

Selling Breast Milk

This may sound a bit radical but it certainly is not. There are many mothers in need that are not able to produce breast milk. If you have extra breast milk, you can earn a few dollars by sharing this with those in need through Only the Breast.

Get paid to party

Zoola Fix is a marketplace connecting local partygoers with guests wanting authentic nightlife experiences. They say that you need to work hard and play hard. With Zoola Fix you can do both.

Help people get over a hangover

Hangover helpers is an after party clean-up service. They charge per roommate and will come over the next morning and supply you with a Gatorade, a burrito and clean up your house. If you live in the US, you can apply to become a hangover helper to earn some extra money.


You might never in a million years try make money like this. But, I hope that this has shown you that there are way more opportunities out there to make money than you might have imagined.

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