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I recently sat through two movies that got me thinking...

  • The first was 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. A crazy cousin of mine made me watch it and it wasn't my style at all. Too much blood and gore. 
  • The second was way lighter, '27 Dresses', a movie I watched with my wife about a woman that was a bridesmaid 27 times. I am a man so let's just say, it wasn't for me.

Well, call me Goldilocks but I hope that the next movie I watch will be somewhere in between. Something just right and hopefully made this decade.

So where am I going with this my friend?

Most guys manage to collect loads of tools over time. My buddy Saul has a whole set of power tools. Unless Saul has a secret life like that dude in Texas, I know for a fact that he hasn't used them since 2007. I can promise you that in our neighborhood there are many men sitting with a garage packed with expensive things they just don't use.

Women are no different. They hit a certain age and wedding season arrives. Wedding after wedding, they go all out buying bridesmaid dresses in every conceivable color. They won't wear them again but refuse to throw them in the trash. Not to mention THE dress, their wedding dress from their big day. It can sit in the closet longer than some of the guys I went to school with.

Ok, that was the longest intro ever! So let’s get to the point....

Luckily today, both sexes are able to make money off their past expensive purchases. You can turn expenses into an income and improve your financial situation.

Sharing your property

  • Airbnb, JustPark and Camp in my garden, help you rent out your spare bedroom, parking spot and garden respectively. These are all marketplaces connecting you to a world of people who you can share your spare space with. 

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Sharing your transport

  • TuroBoatBound, and Bzike are marketplaces helping you share your boat, car and bike for cash. 

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Sharing your belongings

There so many other possessions you can rent out to make more money. The demand is highest for stuff that is expensive to buy and infrequently used.

So your mommy was right. Sharing is caring. It can also make you lots of money.

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