The Moms' Guide to Saving Up

The words 'saving up' can be dreaded. But they are also your friends if you approach them in the right way.

Saving doesn't have to hurt or inconvenience you. Because we know Moms have enough on their plates without having to stop and think twice about every thing that they do. There are however little things you can incorporate into your daily life that will make a huge difference to your wallet.

It's about trimming the edges and cutting the corners.

They will actually make life easier for you, Moms. Soon you'll have a nest egg that you can spend on something you really want or watch it keep growing for greater financial security to fall back on.

Here are some tips and tricks to help Moms that we really like that are worth considering.

1. Consider re-selling your unwanted clothing. Often you have brand new outfits that you just don't wear. Convert these to cash on Ebay.

2. Wait a few days before making a major purchase. Imagine someone offered you cash instead of the item... What would you choose?

3. Shop local markets. You'll find groceries and other items you need for way cheaper than off the shelf.

4. When you go out with your girlfriends, leave your money at home. That way you won't be tempted. Suggest parks or art galleries. You don't need to splurge to enjoy yourselves.

5. Take it to the next level and grow your own veggies. Involve the kids in the planting and care. They will absolutely love having a veggie patch!

6. Pack your family's lunch. There is no need for them to buy take-aways from the cafeteria. This is an expensive waste of money.

7. When entertaining, make homemade snacks. Use your own fresh veggies to make veggie bites with dip.

8. Dilute juice with a little water. Juices contain a lot of sugar, and it makes them go way further. The kids will never know the difference ;)

9. Keep up with preventative care and health. Visit the dentist for checkups to prevent having to get major dental work done in the long run. You save by being prudent and having early, regular appointments with your healthcare providers.

10. Exercise outdoors. That gym membership is costing you when you could be doing it in the sunshine. Volunteer as a dog walker, or get paid to do it. Advertise through Gumtree.

11. Unplug appliances such as phone chargers when not in use. This will really help cut down on your electricity bill.

12. Turn off lights when you don't need them and save!

13. Hand wash dishes once per day. Save on power and cut down the water bill. You'll feel good after.

14. Don't buy bottled water. It's bad for the environment and is an expensive alternative when our tap water is perfectly clean and healthy.

15. Use a little less of everything, from shampoo to detergent, to salad dressing. It makes sense in so many ways.

16. Resist using the aircon or the heater. Rather, enjoy natural temperature variations and dress accordingly! Cool off or heat up in other ways ;)

17. Do cash-only weekends. Draw a certain amount of cash on Friday and don't go over budget for the weekend. You will tangibly see how much you are spending and will have a great sense of achievement by Monday.

18. Stay home instead of a getaway. Take some of the cash you save from not taking the expensive vacation and use it for fun home-based activities. If you do go decide to go away, rent out your space through Airbnb.

19. Get a smaller cable account / bouquet. Do you really need all of those channels? Or would you rather have the extra cash?

20. Use no-name brands and generics. They are just as good and much more economical. You'll save a bunch!

You see, you are going to feel empowered, and not bleak.

Take back control and do something small everyday to increase your saving power.

Set a great example for your kids and family while you're at it. Out of all these 20 tips, there must be at least one or two that you can happily do. Maybe you are already doing them. Well then props to you! Keep up the good work!

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