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It is easier than ever to connect with top experts from all over the globe. The WWW (Weally Wonderful Wesource or World Wide Web) has made the world into a tiny village. 

The flipside is also true. 

Today, you can make money offering advice, know-how and solutions to those around the globe from the comfort of your home. 

Let's explore how:

Get paid to answer questions

Are you a top expert in your field? And by "field", I don't mean an acre of farmland outside of your home. If so, consider registering as an expert with Presto Experts. You will be able to share your expert knowledge with new clients via online chat, phone or email and be able to choose the rate you want to charge for each option. Popular topics include technology, business, counseling, education and health. But you can also register as a legal, design or home expert and much more.   

If you prefer the text message model, JustAnswer is another platform that can help you earn more money. You will need to list yourself as an expert and then will be paid for each question answered. You may only start off earning a few dollars per question but as you answer more questions, the amount you earn increases. Once you are established on their system you may be able to earn $15 or so for just a few minutes of your time.

There are also more niche platforms to offer advice.

  • For medical professionals -
    • Maven is an example of an app that lets you get medical advice online from professional doctors. Maven is specifically designed for women. But there are many that are not. If you are a doctor, these apps and platforms let you give prescriptions or advice instantly by video appointment or private message. Hopefully more people will start using these apps. They really need to stop relying on medical advice from unqualified people on Facebook and WhatsApp groups.
    • Crowdmed is a very interesting platform. It lets you solve medical mysteries. So if you have medical knowledge to share, you can be paid for your work as a medical detective.
    • You don't have to be a doctor to make money with your medical knowledge. Pacify is an app for giving advice to new parents about looking after their bundles of joy. You can join Pacify as an expert if you are a nurse, pediatric nutritionist or lactation consultant.
  • For Legal Professionals -
    • Upcounsel is an international marketplace for legal skills. You can list your skills and bid for projects that have been lodged. Lawdingo is a similar US marketplace that even allows you to give live advice via a phone call.
  • For entrepreneurs and startup experts
    • With Clarity you can earn money by having conversations with those seeking advice. You may be an ideal Clarity expert if you have funded, started, grown, and sold your own company. 

Offer more extensive advice

HourlyNerd connects businesses that are looking for help with experts that can advise and assist.

You can earn money by offering your expertise in the following areas:

  • Starting a Business
  • Researching a Market 
  • Growing a Business 
  • Managing a Business 
  • Raising Capital
  • Selling your Business

Zintro can also help you generate leads for your consulting business.   The leads can be for small projects like a “micro-consult” delivered over the phone worth $100. But, they can also be for multi-month projects worth thousands of dollars. Zintro has over 100,000 actively engaged experts. Will you be the next one?

Sharing your knowledge through your writing

You can make money with your knowledge by writing an informative eBook. The most popular way to do so is through Kindle Direct Publishing. If you are not ready to go all out with an eBook, you can write an expert blog using or another similar blogging resource. This can be used for lead generation or can be monetized directly through ads or premium content.

Creating online courses

Over 10 million students have used Udemy to learn a new skill. Udemy can be a great source of passive income if you choose to teach an in-demand niche and you have a good promotional strategy. 


If you are an expert in your field, go out there and make some money.

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