Making money though health

Good health is essential.

Mahatma Gandhi once fasted for 21 days, only drinking sips of water. So, I wouldn’t normally listen to his healthcare tips. But, he did say something pretty profound.  He said “It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of silver and gold”. This is too true. Life without good health sucks no matter how much money you have.

But this is not where you come to learn about health, this is where you learn about creating wealth. What are some of the latest and greatest ways to make money looking after your health and the health of others?

Make money by being a sports or fitness coach

Back in the day, being a personal trainer or sports coach was no walk in the park. You would have needed to apply for jobs at your local gym or sports club and do lots of promotional work to get clients. But, today there are various online marketplaces that take the sweat out of finding the right clientele. For example, check out Coachup in the US or Up My Sport in Europe. You can set up an online profile visible to thousands of athletes looking to find and book a private coach. You can set your own price on your own schedule and you will even be covered with liability insurance.

If you already have your own studio (in Australia, UK, US or Canada) you can also join the Classpass network that will help you increase the number of fitness freaks coming to your classes. This will give you access to a wide range of people in your community looking for fitness classes. But, you are expected to offer discounts on your standard rate.  

Make money by exercising

 “I will work out, I will start dieting, I promise….wait is that a piece of cake?” Does this sound familiar? Well, it definitely resonates with me.

I generally live by my father’s motto “Running is for people who can’t fight”. But having said that I need to get up off my aesthetically pleasing couch and start doing some exercise. What will help is that there is a cool app called Pact that pays you to look after your health.

Pact won’t make you rich by any means with rewards of up to $5 per week. But, why not earn some pocket money just by looking after your health. Rewards are based on the number of days committed and completed in your Pact. If you meet your Pact, you get cash reward for each day committed, paid for by those who didn’t make it. 

They offer 3 different pacts:

  • Gym pact,
  • Veggie pact,
  • Food logging pact 

But beware, if you don’t stick to your Pacts you will be the one who will be paying. Pact is currently available in the US.

Make money giving health advice

They used to say that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Well now days, it is more like an Apple brings a doctor straight to your home. Whether it be through an Apple iPhone, iPad or any other device, there are a variety of ways for patients to connect with medical professionals. This also means that there are many more ways for healthcare professionals to make more money.

·         Have you ever watched the sitcom “House”?  Well with CrowdMed, you too can become a real life medical detective. CrowdMed is a platform that connects the wisdom of thousands of experts and helps solve the world's most difficult medical cases online. You can earn hundreds of dollars becoming a medical Sherlock Holmes. Medical Detectives include; medical students, retired physicians, nurses, physician assistants, chiropractors, scientists, naturopaths, and regular people who enjoy solving medical mysteries.

·         With Presto experts or Just Answer, if you are a doctor or experienced health expert you can offer physical and mental medical advice to people around the world. Presto Experts allow experts to offer assistance via online chat, phone call or email. You are in full control of what you charge. With Just Answer, you are paid to give answers through their messaging system.

·         If you are a mental health professional in the US, Talkspace is another way to earn some money. You get speak to patients via the computer or phone. Now, how does that make you feel?

·         Last but not least, Pacify is a new nifty app. It lets nurses, pediatric nutritionists and lactation consultants connect with new moms.

Make money teaching others about health related activities

You can make money sharing your health knowledge with others. Udemy provides a platform for you to create an online course and earn a passive income from future purchases. You can also publish a book on keeping healthy or other health related issues through Kindle Direct Publishing or be paid to publish a medical article through ACHS.


Keep calm, keep healthy and go make some money.

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