Make money through your love of animals

“Why do dogs chase their tails? Cause they are trying to make ends meet!”

That might not make you LOL or ROTFL. But, you too may feel like you are chasing your own tail trying to make ends meet. Let's explore how to make money with your love of animals.

So let’s get into it:

Make money taking a dog for a walk or run

You could connect with the people in your community. There will be many who have busy schedules and who have dogs at home alone in the day. Offer to walk their dogs in the day for a fee. There are also innovative online platforms that could make this a whole lot easier. They connect pet owners with individuals looking to make money pet walking. These platforms ease marketing, booking and payments admin. But, they will take part of your fee.

The right platform for you depends on where you live but you do not need to limit yourself to just one platform. Some are more advanced than others. A good example of this is a US based platform Wag!. It allows owners to track and receive reports of their dogs walk. The service includes:

  • A photo
  • The distance traveled
  • A bathroom update; and 
  • Information about how their pup has behaved.

If you are more energetic Jogs For Dogs and others will let you take dogs for a run.

Make money looking after a dog or cat

With Tailster and Holidog in the US, or DogBuddy in the UK you can dog sit at a clients home or offer boarding at your place. Some platforms even arrange check-ins. So, if someone is working late or having a bit too much fun one night, they will pay you to check in on their beloved pooch.

Holidog (in spite of their name) also offer cat sitting. I guess even though they have 9 lives, they still need some care.

On most platforms, potential new clients can see ratings and reviews from older clients. This makes it easier to prove that you are trustworthy and reliable.

Make money training dogs

If you are a dog trainer and stay in the US, you can join the Holidog Go School marketplace to find more clients. This is a cheaper upfront option than handing out pamphlets all over town. But, you will most often pay a percentage of your fee to the platform.

Make money as a Vet

Pawsquad is an innovative new way that will diversify the way vets look after their patients.

PawSquad Video Visits lets you observe pets, listen and engage with pet parents. You can then provide relevant advice and recommendations for treatment. Best of all, you can do this from the comfort of your home.

Making money teaching others about animals

You can also teach others about animals in many ways. You can:

  • Write an ebook through Kindle Self Publishing
  • Give an animal training  course on Udemy
  • Start an animal blog with tips about how to look after or train animals. Once you have built a following, you can make money through:
  • Adding Google Adwords, or
  • By promoting specific animal products through affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates. You will get paid whenever an individual purchases the product that you have promoted.

Share your own pets talents with the world

This is a long shot and I would not quit your job expecting to be the next worldwide sensation. But, if you have an eccentric pet of your own that has a special talent or gets up to no good on a regular basis. Share this with the world on YouTube, you never know whether it might be the next sensation. Maru, the cat who loves boxes, has accumulated more than 289m views on his YouTube channel. The “Grumpy cat” has 32 million views and may be the world’s most famous cat. These funny felines have made their owners significant wealth.


There are many interesting ways to make money through your love of animals. To see what else is available in your area, explore the providers on BetterWage.

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