Make money teaching

Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions. In fact if you are reading this, you have a teacher somewhere to thank. Teaching today does not need to be limited to teaching a class of disrespectful tweens.

So how can you up your income by teaching?

Make an online course or tutorial

·         Udemy is one of the top online marketplaces for creating and sharing courses. The top 10 instructors on Udemy have earned ………..wait for it………………$17 million in total from their courses. Now that's not too shabby by anyone’s standards. But don’t expect to earn such high sums straight away. It requires picking an in-demand subject, creating a high quality course, clever promotion and just a little bit of good fortune. While some have struck it rich others have yet to get their first enrolled student. The average instructor on Udemy has earned $8k. Udemy is definitely not the only such platform around. Another similar platform is Skillshare. Skillshare has a different revenue model to Udemy. Udemy allows you to select the price of your course and pays you a percentage of this price. Skillshare charges learners a monthly fee for unlimited courses. It then splits this revenue between courses based on their popularity.

·         Pathwright helps you create your own course marketplace and allows you full ownership of your content and community. You can promote and collect payment for courses, group classes, or monthly subscriptions. You can reach new students from around the world or offer your courses as online curriculum for other educators to teach. Unlike Udemy and Skillshare, Pathwright charges an upfront or monthly fee depending on which pricing package you select. You will need to decide whether having a fully branded online school is worth this extra fee.

·         With Envato Tuts+ you can either share an in-depth video course or a written step by step tutorial on any given subject. 

No prior teaching experience is required for these platforms.  They provide a great source of passive income, something which traditional educators have battled to find.

Become a tutor

There are many online platforms connecting tutors with students. WyzAnt is a large US based platform where you can browse available tutoring jobs by subject or location. They claim that active tutors receive over two tutoring job opportunities each week. Your WyzAnt profile will include your qualifications and experience and student reviews. You can also include a promotional video. Wyzant lets you book either online or in person tutoring sessions.

Other options for finding online students are, Chegg Tutors and Tutorvista.

 A more niche teaching site Italki allows you to teach English to foreigners all around the world.

Teaching for the active and sporty

It is not just the mathletes and other academics and professionals that want to learn. Athletes and fitness freaks everywhere are turning to trainers and coaches to improve their performance. You can join platforms like Coachup in the US or Up My Sport in Europe to get started.

Write a book or blog

You can also educate people through your writing.

These days some people are too ADD (or the high definition version ADHD) to concentrate on reading.  But, there are still many who prefer to learn from a book. You can you use Kindle Self Publishing to create an educational eBook. This does not need to be 400 pages. A 30 page practical guide is perfect. Quality is more important than quantity. You are far more likely to get a return on your time invested writing many smaller guides than one larger book.

Before jumping in:

·         Decide what you want to teach in your eBook.

·         Investigate whether there is demand to learn about your chosen niche. One way to do this is by using Google Trends. See if the demand is increasing.

·         Make sure you pick a topic that you are passionate about to ensure the pain will be worth the gain.

You may wish to build up to writing an eBook. You can start by writing a blog through or other similar sites. You can monetize your blogs through Google AdSense or relevant affiliate programs like Commission Junction or Amazon Associates. Build up a mailing list and then once you have a large enough audience, write your eBook and promote it to them.

Run a workshop

"The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires". These are the words of William Arthur Ward, who was famous for writing olden day tweets called poems.

 Experitus in Europe and other similar platforms help you inspire through learn by doing workshops.  Popular workshops include cooking, photography, arts and crafts, dancing and IT.


Use the world's thirst for learning to quench your thirst for earning. Get started today.


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