Make money caring for others

It is important to care for others and the world around us. Winston Churchill said that “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. Let’s explore how we can make more money by looking after others.

Make money by looking after children

  • Child caring

You can become a child carer for those in your community., is an example of a platform in the US, Canada and the UK, that connects you with potential child care work.

You can use such platforms to look for:

  • Part time work
  • Full time work
  • Work at child centers or preschools
  • Vacation work, or
  • After school transportation work

You will generally get paid per hour. You do not have to rely solely on such platforms. You could advertise your services in your community. But, there are many opportunities on these online platforms. They have systems to verify your trustworthiness making it easier to get hired. Hiring families can check your past reviews and most platforms conduct background checks. The more positive reviews you get, the more you build up your credibility.

  • Babysitting

You can also get a job looking after adorable little munchkins. Almost everyone loves babies, but very few have what it takes to be a reliable babysitter. You can register on specialty online babysitting marketplaces to find the right opportunities. You can help parents out on date night, on a vacation or after school. You can generally take on multiple clients and charge per hour.

  • Aupairing

If you are between the age of 18 and 30 and are looking for an opportunity to travel and earn money for some of your travel adventures, then aupairing may be for you. Here is a lovely piece of trivia - the French term au pair, means "at par" or "equal to", indicating that the relationship is intended to be one of equals. An au pair is intended to be a temporary member of the family rather than a old fashioned house keeper.

As an aupair you live with host families in foreign countries. Tasks may include light house work as well as looking after children. Aupair World is a global aupairing marketplace and have placed about 300,000 aupairs since 1999.

Registering with Aupair World and other aupairing platforms gives you contact with thousands of potential host families. The amount that you will earn as an aupair is not huge and can be considered more like pocket money. But, there are extra perks like free accommodation and potentially free travel. 

Make money by caring for the elderly and disabled

Through or Honor Care Pro in the US, you can connect with people looking to hire a carer for the elderly or those with disabilities. If you have a caring, responsible and affectionate nature then this might be just for you.

I personally think that old people are awesome. In this fast moving world, the elderly are often disregarded but being able to earn money while soaking up their wisdom is just awesome.


Can you bear to care? Tap into your kind nature, look after others and look after your bank account.

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