Make cash as a writer

Some people struggle to write anything longer than a check or a tweet. But for those of you who don’t fit into this category, there are a variety of different ways to make more money with your writing.

You could write a blog, contribute an article for a publication, freelance or even publish a book. So let’s get into it.

Make money blogging

The monetary benefits from blogging are not all direct. You can use blogging as a powerful marketing tool, as a way to position yourself as an industry expert or to build up an email list.

But, through adverts and affiliate programs you can make money directly from your blog itself.

  • Ads - You can write a blog through or any other popular blogging site. Then simply opt to display targeted adverts through Google Adsense next to your blog. You can customize the look and feel of ads to match your Blog. You'll begin earning money when people click on ads that appear on your blog.
  • Affiliates – An alternative to displaying ads next to your blog is to incorporate affiliate links or banners related to your writing. In general, affiliate programs are different to ads in that they pay per item purchased rather than per click. Affiliate links are particularly powerful if you write product reviews related to your niche. For example, if you write a blog about travel you could review a new versatile travel bag that is available on Amazon.  Amazon Associates would then compensate you by giving you a percentage of each item sold that came through your embedded link or banner.

Make money writing an article

There are a number of websites that are willing to pay for quality content. The price being paid per submission can range between $20 and $300. But, it is important not to decide where to submit your articles based only on cash being offered. Usually the websites that pay more have higher article standards that need to be adhered to and they also often want longer articles. It is less likely that an article is accepted to be published. 

There are opportunities to write article for many different niches:

Make money writing a book

You do not need to convince a publisher that your book will be the next Harry Potter or 50 Shades of Grey in order to write a book. Of course, if you do you could make many millions of dollars. With Kindle Direct Publisher and other similar platforms, you can easily publish a book that will be available online to an audience of millions.

Kindle has made things really simple. You fill in the title of your book, author name, description, upload a cover, upload your e-book file, select your book price, and hit publish.

Amazon handles the marketing and promotion of your book. Yet, it is a good idea to do some promotion yourself. They host your book online, deliver it to your customers and handle all of the payments and customer support.

You do not need to write a 400 page novel. A 30 page manual that teaching some practical skills is just as suitable for the Kindle store.

Make money as a freelance writer

A 2015 Freelancer study conducted by Payoneer, showed that on average freelance writers:

  • charged $17 per hour; and
  • worked just over 31 hours each week

This equates to a yearly income of just under $28,000.

There was some variation in rates charged depending on the type of writing work invloved. You can generally charge more for research or sales writing than for web and other content.

Through and Upwork you can bid for freelance writing jobs. You can do anything from writing books all the way to just writing a catchy slogan. Through you can charge $5 to help people with small tasks such as “about us” pages on their website.

You could also join a marketplace like Content Runner, ProBlogger or Scripted to connect with those in need of content. Alternatively, CrowdContent, Pukitz, Textbroker, Triond, Zerys and many others can be used to find writing jobs. Each of these platforms have a unique method of paying for content.


Think before you ink – think about how you will use your writing to Better your Wage.

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