If you don't use it, it pays to lose it - Create the ultimate digital yard-sale

Oprah says: don’t hold onto things you haven’t used in 6 months. Ok, well maybe it wasn’t Oprah. But it was definitely someone rich and famous who knew the difference between possessions and belongings.

Belongings are things you simply can’t live without. They’re memories made manifest; totems of the life you aspire to. Possessions are things you own; that’s it. They don’t define you.. Wait we’re not judging, promise. If you’re a lover of all things…well, all things then hoard away.

Our concern lies between the leather sleeves of that Nine West wallet you never use. Cash. Are you swimming in it? Probably not if your investments include 59 shades of Va-Va Voom red lipsticks. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying to coax you towards financial austerity. By all means, splurge a little. But when it comes to spending, input needs to equal output.

If you’re holding onto mum-in-law’s ugly Christmas sweaters out of sheer obligation then you’re not doing that wallet any favours. There’re plenty of ways to transform your neglected goodies into cash so let’s get into them. But before you haul out the cardboard boxes, take note, this is not your average yard sale.

Craigslist, eBay, OLX and many other e-classifieds have great user friendly platforms that help you manage the transactions on your personal re-sale accounts. Udemy offers excellent advice on how to navigate these platforms and market your belongings to the right people. If the Kardashians are onboard with digital re-sale, you know that the concept is lucrative. They may not need the cash, but when trinkets have outlived their quirkiness, even Kourtney can’t resist a virtual yard sale.

If you want a more niche market for your wares, then consider a personal blog dedicated to displaying them. Beautiful photography and creative descriptions can really show off your items to full advantage. It’s vital that you link sales information to all your social media feeds. It’s great to create a masterpiece website for those Lou Boutins, but who wants to shout into the abyss?

People need to see and hear all about your great deals if your sale is going to get any mileage. These Tumblr re-sale tips are essential if you’re planning on taking this venture to the next level. Grab your camera and get snapping. You want a bespoke site. A blog that not only curates your possessions but offers them up as solutions to specific problems a potential buyer might have.

Categories and killer copy are going to be the distinguishing factor here. Think outside the box and add some humour to the mix.

Remember effective re-sale is all about connecting with that inner drive to purchase. Remember when you were salivating, pupils dilated staring at that Guess watch in the store window? Tap into that. No, we don’t mean go out and buy something!

You wanted it. You got it. Now show your followers why they should too.


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