How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon on a Budget

I have to admit, the first time I heard of a “honeymoon registry” I was slightly offended. The soon-to-be newlyweds had taken the very pragmatic, new-age decision to decline the crockery and napkin holders for their wedding gifts. They were already living together and had all the furniture and appliances they needed to continue their journey into matrimony. Why collect the unnecessary clutter of unwanted pots and pans? Because it’s polite! Well, to be fair they did have a point.

I still can’t justify my umbrage at their choice of having wedding guests contribute to their honeymoon expenses instead. We’ve long been in the era where young couples scout sassy townhouses with free Wi-Fi for their first homes. So why was I still holding onto the age of white picket fences and quirky porcelain wedding gifts?

The reality is that young middle income earners are less about the flash and pomp of a showpiece wedding and more about broadening their worldview. Travel trumps toasters and gift registries need to keep up with the times it seems. The memories you collect together on that first honeymoon will long outlast whatever gilded trinkets you may be showered with on your wedding day.

The cost of a wedding, even a modest one, is enough to put added pressure on a couple before they’ve even finalized their guest list. Add to that the cost of an overseas honeymoon and joint living expenses and you’ve got yourself a nuptial nightmare.

So how do you trim the expense of a honeymoon and still manage to have a brilliant getaway? Simple, you start by allowing your guests the privilege of contributing to your trip. Most travel agencies will allow you to set up a registry at one of their branches. Your loved ones need only call the designated agent and gift an amount of their choice. If you can get your great aunt and maybe the other traditionalists in the room to suspend their skepticism for your big day, your honeymoon slush fund will be off to a great start.

Now let’s look at some other ways you can make sure your romantic vacay doesn’t break the bank:

  1. Pampering or site-seeing? Pick one main objective for your trip and stick to it. That way you’ll save on binge trips and novelties.
  2. It’s less stressful and often cheaper to work with a travel agent.
  3. Travel off-season.
  4. Book your flights well in advance to avoid last minute pressure purchases.
  5. Most travel destinations offer great Uber connectivity. Study up on the local hotspots beforehand so that you’re not dependent on a dodgy tour guide.
  6. Now start planning that dream holiday, you deserve it. Just remember to spare a thought though for those old-school wedding gifters and their ceramic tea-sets.

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