Get insta-wise and monetise – Instagram's the way to sell

One of the hippest new ways to sell is through social media, and Instagram is coming out as a front runner when it comes to generating audience engagement.

Why not capitalise on your following and use your reach to share your great products with likeminded people?

Instagram is a way to do this.

You will obviously need to have a really catchy and distinctive look for your products' page. You can make use of the Instagram Layout app to show multiple images in a single image – this will help you to showcase a product from various different angles. Make sure your images are super eye catching and really stand out. Avoid blurry images or problematic lighting. Impressions do count here.

Pair images with appealing product descriptions which include emojis to make your products enticing, relatable and understandable.

Enlist the help of a blogger friend to write your product descriptions if you prefer. But of course, you will probably understand them the best yourself.

Hashtags will help make your products discoverable.

Use the Search and Explore feature provided by Instagram to see what are the top hashtags for your ideal product demographic. Be sure to use a couple in your campaigns. Have your own hashtag for your brand as well, and use the Regram app to feature customer and fans' photos on your Instagram feed, with their permission of course.

Add a shoppable link to your Instagram bio using a convenient selling tool like Have2Have.It.

Followers will be instantly directed to a page that features a look consistent with your Instagram page where they can shop your products.

Like2Buy and Soldsie are two other platforms that enable businesses to sell products through their posts and bios. Soldsie integrates with WooCommerce and Shopify so you can import products from these other E-commerce platforms.

Get connected with Instagram influencers to extend your audience reach.

Captiv8 is a tool that will help you to do this. It is after all important to build a following who are interested in your company. Use Instagram's Search and Explore feature to find your kind of people. Add users who fall within your demographic. They just might return the favour and follow you back.

Geotagging works wonders to increase engagement.

You can find prospective customers in local areas to follow and comment on their posts. You will gain exposure for your brand.

If you have customers who already like you on Facebook, ask them to follow you on Instagram – this will further increase engagement.


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