Financial freedom in 2017 – get a raise and say hello happy days!

Moving up is about thinking up first. 2017 is a chance to make things happen in your life and move towards goals.

There is no need for excuses or to feel down hearted if you are doing something each day to work towards greater productivity and capacity building. Making a great impression at work is about more than meeting or beating targets, although this is a healthy goal to set for the new year. But how do you better achieve this goal. It actually starts with the little things, which are manageable but make a huge difference.

So let's break it down into bite sized pieces that will have use flourishing and achieving like we know we can in the new year.

1. Get a good night's rest

Starting fresh isn't just about a new year. It's about each day. Waking up with a hangover for work is even worse. Going in to work each morning you want to feel on top of things. Go to bed a little earlier to give yourself time to fall asleep restfully without feeling pressured.  You will be much better able to cope with tasks and the unexpected challenges of the next day.

2. Get a head start on the day

Allow plenty of time to get ready in the morning so that you don't feel frazzled by the time you get in to work. If you are in control of things from the get go, the rest of your day will follow accordingly. You will make a great impression if you get to work a little early as well. Remember that promotion you have in mind.

3. Let go of outcomes

Remuneration should not be the be all and end all for you. Don't think about what you are getting out when you are putting in the hours. If you don't love what you do, learn to. Look for the best in the people you work with. Remember, you will be rewarded for your hard work, and let go. You are more likely to have a better focus and a more positive attitude which will really pay off in the end. Trust that you will receive plenty to pay the bills, and you will. Carry yourself with dignity, and don't act desperate.

4. Be consistent

While it's great to let your hair down on the weekends, news travels. If you have a reputation for going completely wild and being reckless and irresponsible during your time out from work, chances are you are less likely to be considered for the upcoming promotion. If you have a reputation for being consistent, and that what you see is what you get, however, you will be seen as a reliable option to be considered for a raise.

5. Stop calling it work

Seeing work as a job is kind of like setting out to lose. No matter how much you earn, you are viewing your hours spent as unpleasantly occupied with doing something you don't want to be doing. It's a substantial amount of time to be throwing away. See your occupation, your employment, your passion, whatever you want to call it, not as a means to an end, but as an end in itself. You serve an important purpose doing what you do.

Let 2017 be a year of fulfillment and job satisfaction. If you really need to change jobs to find that, start looking. At least be proactive and never see yourself as a victim. The power is in your hands.

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