Creating a Secure Financial Future with BetterWage

Being young and free has its benefits, trust me.

But it also has its downfalls.

You see the trouble with youth (I say that as a 28-year-old) is that we don’t have the benefit of hindsight, and on top of that, millennials are stubborn as heck - so you can’t just tell someone what to do, they kind of need to experience and learn for themselves.

The problem with the above approach is that the learning curve comes too late, especially with matters of the economy.

Just think about it for a second…

You don’t want to be 80-Something, tired and ready to retire, and you’ve got no money to retire on because you blew it all on designer handbags, shoes and tech gadgets when you were 20 or 30-Something.

The first step in creating a secure financial future is finding a permanent job that will provide you with a steady income off of which to live each month.

Once that’s done, visit Betterwage and use the Wagefinder to find the perfect way to earn extra income in your spare time.

Choose something you know you’re good at, or that you really enjoy, then sign up and let the savings begin.

The more gigs you get the more you’ll get paid, which means you could also use Betterwage to replace your monthly income from a permanent job.

The best advice for what to do with the extra income is to consult a financial and see what investment options are open to you, for the present as well as the future.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure your money is going to a trustworthy source.

Now go forth and Slay…. And save.

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