Capitalise on your holiday time – think cash on the beach

Holidays are actually a great time to start working towards some of your new year's goals. If one of these goals is to start or increase your savings, there are ways of making your free time work for you (without putting your back into it). If your goals are more holistic and you would generally like to advance your career, try some positive moves in mind power. Holidays are the perfect time for meditating on what we want to attract into our lives in the near future.

1. Shop New Year's sales

Nuff said. You will find bargains galore. Those items you held out on before Christmas? Well now you can get them. You have permission. No guilt. Buy gifts and decorations for next year's festive season and put them away. Next Christmas, you will feel like such a smarty pants.

2. Binge free and in budget

Treats and snacks add up. To the waistline as well as the wallet. Enjoy yourself but set limits. You don't want to wake up on New Years day weighing 20 pounds more than you did before Christmas, and with your wallet a hefty amount lighter. Enjoy healthy homemade, or ideally, homegrown snacks with a festive twist. Which brings us to the holidays as being the ideal time to start your own veggie garden or herb patch, if you are in a sunny climate. You can even go as small as one pot to grow cherry tomatoes in if you live in an apartment. In the new year you will reap the rewards and enjoy financial savings as well as health benefits from healthy snacks and home cooked recipes.

3. Put aside a New Year's nest egg

Set aside money in a savings account that you aren't allowed to touch this festive season. You don't want to blow all your spare cash and have nothing left going into the new year. This nest egg will earn interest over the holidays without you having to do anything. You will be so glad to find it there next year.

4. Plan for next year at the office

Allow yourself to dream about how you would like to see things going next year in the workplace. Visualisation becomes reality. Take some time to picture yourself happy at work, feeling relaxed and on top of things. Picture yourself getting promoted and enjoying a salary increase. When you do go back to work, it won't feel like a shock to the system, and you will see things going smoothly.

5. Try a vision board

Write yourself a check for the amount of money you would like to receive and pin it up on your vision board. Then pin up a picture of the car you want to drive, the way you want your house to be kept and decorated, anything that represents your dreams. Keep this board in a visible place so you will see the things that excite you every day. Know that these things will be a part of your near future and watch them materialise.

Above all else, be sure to rest up. Nothing beats some great R&R to keep the doctor away and save on medical bills ;) Your health is the most important and key thing to functioning productively, and rest and play time is an important part of this for any person. We hope you enjoy the holidays and have a wonderful time with friends and loved ones.

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