Build your "Trust" Fund

Some criticize Americans for thinking that America is where the world starts and ends. The old joke is that they are the only country that has the bravado to name their national baseball event “The World Series” even though only American teams take part. 

Money making is a global challenge. But, something interesting is found on the American dollar bill. In beautiful, bold print, the motto "In God we trust" is printed. 

I happen to be a deeply religious man and I love the fact that this meditation is found on a note of money. Many people ironically begin to trust the money itself rather than trusting God. For many, money represents security and survival. They begin to worship the money that they make rather than the God that provides it. Now, I love to ruffle a few feathers of those that claim to not to believe in any higher power. But, this is not the aim of this article. Rather I want to focus on a second element of trust that people do not internalize when seeking to earn more money.

Trust in yourself.

Do you sometimes feel stuck and too frightened to take initiative to earn the money you crave. Are there things that you know you are really good at? Is your fear of failure or rejection holding you back?

Well, to improve your money making capacity, you need to snap yourself out of this mode of thinking immediately. I challenge you to find anyone successful, who has not failed or been rejected on many occasions.

Often being a perfectionist is a barrier to creating true wealth and a reason why some of the most intelligent fail to make real wealth. Don’t be scared of not giving value for money.

I often cringe at the money paid for consultants hired by large corporations. The money charged is often audacious. But, companies are most often sold by the overconfidence of the individual.  Tangible proof that they will be able to deliver anything truly ground breaking often takes a back seat. Often, these individuals offer no skills that the organization doesn’t have already on tap. Good luck to them; they have Chutzpah (awesome Yiddish word meaning audacity) and they also have financial success.

Now, let me caveat this by saying that there is a big difference between trust and thoughtless overconfidence. I am not suggesting go ahead with a business initiative without the proper planning and pre-analysis that is needed. You should understand the risks associated with any action you may take.

I am also not suggesting selling low quality advice, services or products.

But once, you have a solid plan or something valuable to offer; don’t let a lack of belief hold you back.

Do you have a service worth offering? 

To start getting used to dealing with clients, you can offer basic Gigs on Once you get comfortable with the skills and service you offer, you can use services such as Upwork and

Do you have expertise worth sharing?

Explore Hourly Nerd and Presto Experts. Or, share your knowledge by writing about your subject of expertise. 

Do you have a product idea that you think may be revolutionary?

Edison Nation offers an opportunity to make money from your idea.

Alternatively, start networking, speaking to those with experience and sell yourself to those willing to fund your future plans.

So before you look at building a Trust Fund, start by building your Trust in yourself.

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